A Lonely Flight to Reykjavik

Reykjavik city skyline with colorful roofs, a church steeple, and snow-covered mountains in the background in Iceland

seem to echo through the crisp, cold air
as the plane touches down on the barren land
I step out onto the tarmac, feeling an icy chill
that matches the emptiness in my soul

Reykjavik’s streets, adorned with colorful houses
fade into a blur as tears well up in my eyes
each corner holds memories of a love lost
a connection severed, never to be mend

I wander aimlessly in this foreign city
searching for solace amidst the unfamiliar faces
but the loneliness wraps itself tightly around me
like the frost that coats the windows at night

The aurora borealis dances across the night sky
a breathtaking display of beauty and grace
but even its ethereal glow cannot fill the void
left by your departure, your absence

I find solace in the desolate landscapes
as I stand on the edge of the rocky shoreline
watching the waves crash against the rugged cliffs
the vastness of the ocean reflecting my desolation

Unrecoverable sadness and sorrow fill my heart
like the unrelenting waves crashing relentlessly
but amidst the pain, a flicker of hope remains
that one day, I may find peace within this loneliness

As the pale Arctic autumn sunshine fades away
and darkness descends upon this desolate land
I board the flight back, carrying with me
the weight of a lonely journey to Reykjavik